GO LIVE: State Champs - “If I’m Lucky”


If I ever get to have a platform definitely copying that riot grrrl thing where we can get a discussion going about what’s going on in the scene/in general in a space and every type of woman will be included cause there are some fucking issues I feel we need to share with each other. I never see…

We hang out with girl bands too. Friendship doesn’t discriminate!!

Whats an easy acoustic things song to learn for a beginner on a acoustic guitar?

Elevated is very easy. Like four chords.


State Champs || Minnesota 
Photo By: Lealah Abrahammore


State Champs || Minnesota 

Photo By: Lealah Abraham


Just a couple pictures from State Champs a week ago. :)

How can I get tickets to a sold out show?? Help a homie out I love you guys :/

You can’t, I’m sorry. :/

do you guys usually come out and meet fans and take pictures and whatnot after a show

Yes we do

Are you guys playing last this Friday at the metro

Oakland metro? Yes, last.

Hey guys, do you think I can get tickets at the door n' SD show? btw can't wait love you

It’s about 100 tickets left so maybe?

Selling ONE ticket for Chain!! Spread the word for me yo!