Will you guys still have the pink crop tops tomorrow in Bonner Springs?


clueless or mean girls?


Just stopping by to inform you guys that my blue and gold macaw (Maui) passed away on Memorial Day. She was the bird in the video jamming out to you guys that I believe you reblogged before. X

I’m so sorry! That bird was so sick

How was Milwaukee?


my dad calls pop punk trailer park music help

What a cop

Whenever you guys tour, you should totally include a pizza party in your VIP package.

We surely couldn’t eat that much pizza

How stoked are you guys to tour with nfg in the fall?


Who in the band went to college and did any of yall finish before you guys started touring and stuff? how was it to juggle band stuff and school stuff?

Juggling band and school sucks and is like, impossible.

Evan and Ryan have bachelor’s degrees and Tyler has an associates degree

When are your birthdays? Just asking for science...

This is a frequent ask! I don’t wish to reveal this info… Aka I don’t wanna pretend I know my friends bday’s.

What's your guys settings on your guitar amps!!

I do not remember mine off the top of my head sorry :/