do you ever feel bad bc someone in a band's nudes got leaked and now theyre fucked bc that's me rn

How are you fucked? Kim kardashian has built an entire career off of a sex tape! It’s all a matter of perspective!

do the VIP packages have any sort of meet and greet/ early access to the show or just all that cool stuff? because i can't really afford it but I'm still trying to be right up at that barrier you feel me

No meet and greet because we’ll be hanging around the venue all night meeting you guys!

Funniest groupie story?

Groupies don’t exist this isn’t the 1980s and we aren’t Poison!

I think we can all agree tyszal did not answer the last couple of questions unless he was super duper happy and nonsassy for a second

I did answer them! Guess I was happy or sometjing

Woah Tyler are you Polish or Slavic? Because your last name is a lot like mine...


I bought your "Started From the Bottom" shirt but its too long. I like to tuck my shirts in so when I wear it all you see is Drake (a.k.a Jimmy) in the wheelchair. I still really love you guys and that shirt

Our name is on top! That’s all that matters! Thanks for picking one up!

Is the finer things available on vinyl? They're so pretty and I want one

Yes it is! You can find it at!

I think you're a really awesome band! My boyfriend got me into you guys, and I have been addicted ever since!

Ahh thanx boyf!

Are you excited for The American Scene's new album? If you aren't you totally should be

We’ve heard it and it’s freakin awesome


There is some serious pre-ordering going on at

FYI some of the limited vinyl pressings are already getting low.